Ruggable Degens

Ruggable Degens is a project that was created by @TheDedicatedArtist. It was inspired by a popular Avax DAO community called $Rug. These Ruggable Degens are part of the first few certified collections on Kalao. Currently, there are around 100+ certified collections. This is an early collection on the Avax chain and on Kalao's platform. While being an independent creator, The Dedicated Artist has seen moderate success with the collection being that this is the first collection that he’s created with monetary and community growth.

With a slew of Ruggable Degenerates collected, this collection has seen around 10+Avax🔺traded. And all NFTs have a floor price of .2Avax these NFTs are highly accessible.

Degenerate Links

Buy a Degen, Check rarities, Use our Gifs, or Read the WhitePapers.

NEW ANIMATED GIFS for Expressing your crypto-ness.

Rug Splits

These Degenerate Items will be used for the next phase of Ruggable Degens. These will also be known as:

"Rug Splits".

more details soon.

Rug Juice

This juice was created by the Degens to pass time as their crypto investments mooned. Some how this made them more... handsome. Almost Gentlemen-like.

Release date (TBA)

Rug Rings

The Degens got lonely and needed someone to share their infinite passion of crypto projects with. The Ruggable Degens find some Gals.

Release date (TBA)


There's not much known about where Rug Dust comes from. But it's heard throughout the crypto-verse that only those who are degenerates can obtain such artifacts.


RugDust is an ERC-20 project made to be an extension of the Ruggable Degens project.

Right now, the token is available for trade with very little liquidity. This token's main priority is to be used in the extension of the Ruggable Degens project. Whether it be rewards, trading, staking, liquidity, etc. It will be used in future RDs projects and will offer a liquid function to the NFTs.

Snapshot of current RD holders is occurring 02/26/22 at 5pm est.

*airdrop happened.

Current Liquidity Trading Pair: